A Testimonial

  • June 4, 2021

Standing naked and blindfolded, hands hanging by my side, breathing shallowly as i strain to hear the noises behind me. What is Mistress doing? What is about to happen? Will it be pain, pleasure or that heady amalgam of both that Mistress V specialises in?

The blindfold is removed and Mistress is standing in front of me, Her long shapely legs in high gloss high heeled shoes,Her voluptuous yet trim figure constrained by a black lace up body, revealing a black brocade bra. The pleasure! The pain is the two nipple clamps Mistress swiftly attaches to my nipples, tugging to make sure they are gripping tightly; a hood over my head, ‘Legs apart, slave’, and Mistress produces a multi-tongue flogger from behind Her perfectly formed derriere and starts lightly stroking my cock and balls.

Tightly grabbing hold of my now erect member, Mistress leads me across to the mirror. Re-assuming the position, Mistress continues to flog me from behind, increasing the strength and weight of subsequent blows. Her gloved hand comes over my mouth and pinches my nose, while continuing to flog. Releasing Her hand, i can breathe again, but only for a brief moments as Her hand repeats the previous action multiple times. Turning me round, i look into Mistress’ blue eyes as the flogging continues and the strings attached to the nipple clamps are tugged. My whole body is now joining in the joyful chorus in response to Mistress’ teasings.

Ushering me to Her bench, Mistress straps me down; the clamps on my nipples pressing into the soft padded leather, exerting a constant, inward-pointing pressure in addition to the constriction they engender. Mistress continues with the light flogger – cheeks, upper back of my thighs and not forgetting between my legs. Cheeks now a bright pink, Mistress swaps the flogger for Her blue, single-tail whip and proceeds to lay strokes from different angles and with different weights, until all the nerves are tingling. Laying down the whip, Mistress picks up Her ‘Cat o-nine tails’ and repeats the exercise. By now my whole body is shaking from the intensity of Mistress’ ministrations. i don’t believe it – from my first visit where i said to Mistress ‘I don’t see what people get out of being physically beaten’ to my second visit where i received a gentle smacking, to being flogged and whipped and relishing the prospect – such is the persuasive power of Mistress’ charms and ever so carefully and safely managed stretching of boundaries.

Unstrapping me, but still prone on the bench with the nipple clamps doing their bit, Mistress pronounced it was time for some ass play. A soft, flexible rubber dildo was produced and with minimum of fuss, was pushed to where the sun doesn’t shine. Mistress proceeded to use the toy to gently, then more forcibly, fvck me. Again, something i would never have thought possible a few visits ago. By now i was encouraging Mistress, who only too willingly acquiesced to my urgings. My trust in Mistress grows with every encounter, knowing from experience that while being strict and demanding, nothing is more important than the safe mutual enjoyment of a D/s session.

Suitably loosened and stretched, i was shepherded to Mistress’ swing where after hoisting myself in, Mistress shackled my legs. Mistress removed the nipple clamps and, as i was arcing up at the pain of the release, slid Her pink strap-on between my legs. Mistress responded vigorously to my obvious pleasure, unselfishly not sparing herself as She thrust strongly against me. My pleasure was obvious, both in the delight on my face and in the way in which other parts of my anatomy responded.

As always, every good thing comes to an end and as Mistress unshackled me, i tottered to my feet. Ordering me to lie on the rug, i was treated to a magnum of Mistress’ special vintage Champagne. Having been warned not to spill any at pain of the blue tailed whip once again, i strove to do my best to honour Mistress’ command. However, honesty won the day, and i was back over Mistress bench, feeling the kiss of Her whip once again. ‘Was it deliberate’, you may ask? Not really, it was just one of those things that turns out to have a good ending, which ever way one looks at it.

As Mistress rested from Her exertions, i was ordered to first polish Her shoes and then worship and massage Her feet. Having previously had the privilege of worshipping Mistress petite toes, i slowly and carefully used my tongue and lips to ensure that no square millimetre of skin went unrewarded for such a fine session as Mistress had just bestowed on me.

Without doubt, Mistress V is sensuous, perceptive and imaginative, pushing boundaries in a safe controlled manner, in Her well-equipped chambers. Many more visits will be required from me before my exploration of basic BDSM with Mistress V will be complete, let alone some of the more exotic pleasures that I’ve yet to pluck up the necessary courage to ask Mistress if She will deign to honour me with. From a complete novice, Mistress has guided and encouraged me to explore my feelings and, with Her by my side, i will be forever indebted if She will honour me with Her presence as ido so. Thank You Mistress V.

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