Another Testimonial from My female sub

  • November 28, 2019

My new female sub Was on her way for her second session. I’d whispered in her ear the last time she came that I’d take her virginity, which she mentioned in her last email.

Looking forward to her ringing my bell 😈😈

Once the door bell rang I went down and let her in, reminding her that today is the day she has her cherry popped.

With a tiny grin we went upstairs, I’d already prepared everything that I was going to use in the session, strapon , vibrator, rope, blindfold and leather cuffs.

Tying her with the rope, hands by her side making sure her movement was restricted, I then strapped her to the cross, blindfold on and ear muffs!! Fantastic .

I lightly flogged her big bosoms, concentrating on her nipples, flicking and teasing then moving down to her pussy, I lifted the ear muffs and told her to open her legs, teasing the flogger around her wet cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you” I tell her in her ear, “Your pussy’s mine. I’m going to take you now let’s go through to the bedroom.”

I led her through taking off the muffs.

“Get on the bed and open your legs.”

Using the vibrator on her eager pussy I slid it in a little at a time, not rushing.

Once the vibrator was totally inside her I told her to close her legs and hold it there while I put my strapon on. Plenty of lube and a stiff strapon sliding in and out until I felt it pop her cherry, I began to fuck her now slow and deep then thrust – she was loving every minute of it, and once she’d orgasmed I slowed down the pace building it back up again and again. Once I’d given her the fucking she deserved she turned to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. I know she’ll be back; this is just the beginning of our journey xx

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