A Testimonial from a Female sub

  • November 27, 2019

After thinking about it forever finally took the plunge and emailed mistress to see if she’d take me as her female sub. Much to my delight she agreed and after many emails back discussing wants, limits etc.. I ended up ringing the doorbell ready to be controlled.

The first time, she started off slow as I wanted to be tied up and flogged. The more time that went on the harder and better it got. Mistress knew I liked my nipples and tits played with so focused on flogging them as I slid into sub space.

Seeing how much my nipples enjoyed it she suggested needle play, something I wasn’t experienced in at all, but I agreed in anticipation of what to expect.

Mistress then tied me down onto her medical bench and slid countless needles through my sensitive nips until I could barely see any nipple left. It felt amazing & talked to me throughout, telling me what she was doing as well as flicking and moving the needles… the sensation I can’t even explain.

Lastly she blindfolded me, pushing me down into my favourite part of subspace where I was able to let go of myself completely as she used her fingernails, pinwheel and the needles to scratch and make my upper body tingle. Before we finished she surprised me with her wand shoved right against my clit.

A first visit to remember.

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