Beating around my bush – a testimonial

  • July 21, 2022

Arrived at Mistress V’s chambers to find the transformation into an authentic, well-equipped, dungeon almost complete. Mistress was Her normal welcoming self and following some pleasant small talk it was soon for me to undress and present myself to Mistress. This was to be a relaxed, sensual session as the high temperatures forecast were likely to have made a vigorous session unpleasant for both Mistress and myself.

Prone on the bench and strapped down, some gentle backside warming and CBT with a flogger started proceedings, before moving onto a more vigorous application of Mistress’ ‘Slave’ paddle, the finale of which would have put Charlie Watts to shame as a staccato drum roll was performed on my now pink rump. Sensing that everything was drooping in the heat, Mistress set to ensure that my scrotum didn’t feel left out of things and a pair of bucket clamps were attached and sent swinging by Mistress delicate touch. ‘How’s that’ was the question. ‘OK’ was the incorrect answer, as Mistress cackled and proceeded to load the buckets up with weights that felt like they may have been cannonballs, before setting them swinging once more.

Relieving me of my burden, Mistress then demanded that i cool Her toes and feet, ensuring that the last trace of salty sweat was removed, before instructing me to perform the same action on Her armpits. This was the prelude to Mistress applying some nipple clamps and then replenishing my electrolytes with a glass of champagne.

Much refreshed, i was now on all fours as Mistress positioned me in front of Her fvck-machine. ‘We’ll let the machine do the work today’ Mistress smiled, ‘it’s too f’ing hot for ‘f’ing’ as we both giggled like school kids. It had been a while, but Mistress gently cajoled the flexible black prong into position before setting the machine off at a slow pace until i felt comfortable and then increasing the pace, as i responded to the thrusting of the mechanical arm. Eventually switching the machine off, Mistress intoned that since I’d had such a knee trembler, it was my turn to reciprocate and massage Mistress to work out the knots in Her upper back and neck induced by the flogging and paddle, a task i was only too pleased and honoured to perform for Mistress.

What a treat to finish off the session! As ever, Mistress was strict, sensually sadistic, a lot of fun and yet always demanding and totally dominant in Her new chambers.

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