Needle Play

Full Throttle Thrusts!

  • July 21, 2022

My bitch andrea arrived at the given time excited and eager to please , once we had sat down for a chat she showed me what she had in her bag , 2 different sized strapons one was brown slim gerthe and around 9-10 inches long the other was totally different, fat in width long and heavy .
After getting changed into a pair of sexy leopard print panties and stockings I order her into my playroom , stood over her looking down I order her to worship my feet while I lube the brown cock , stopping her in the middle of licking my soles , get over my bench my cock is ready to fill your hole ,strapping her down tightly . I begin with my fingers sliding them in and out making her hole moist , sliding my cock in she gasps , pushing it in further and deeper , moaning for more , I give her more and fuck her hard before I order her of the bench , unstrapping her I order her to get on all fours in line with the cock and my machine , inserting the tip of the cock I tell her to push her bottom down into the cock , turning up the dial a little until she’s comfortable for the full throttle thrusts that are about to begin .
Once she can take no more of my fuck machine I point to the medical bench , i’m going to give her arse a rest for now , ive got the rest of your body to punish yet giggling as I reach for the needles , she was to busy watching her cock dance with the estim cock loops to notice what was to come next , inserting a needle through her nipple she jolts , settle down bitch you can take more for me and you will and when I have finished you can thank me for the privilege, once both nipples were pierced I order back in the playroom and back over the bench , it’s time for big bertha with plenty of lube I push the cock deep deeper and deeper with each thrust she likes it to be rough , fucking her hard and fast , I pull the cock out of her gaping hole and insert my fist , she’s loving the control I have over here , she wanted boundaries pushed and I throughly enjoyed pushing them further than she’d been pushed before .
Finishing her off with a spanking she was spent . What an amazing session , I love. a sub who likes me to have full control see you soon andrea x

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