Fantastic day!

  • June 21, 2023

What a fantastic day had with my slaves and subs some regulars and a newbie .

My newbie has never had experience with a Dominatrix before but said he has had some experience at home . I remind it that it’s experience today will be nothing like his bedroom antics lol .
Ordering it to the bathroom to get changed and present itself to me in my main room the play room .

All I could say was Wow when it entered into the room . Standing at least 6”5 in high thigh boots . Tight black pvc skirt and bodice . On your knees slut ! You need a wig to go with your perfect choice of outfit . It replies “I’ve never worn a wig before “ Really ? Well today you will be experiencing lots of things you’ve never experienced before , with that I point to my bench and order it over , strapping it down .

I begin to warm this bitches bottom with a spa long before moving onto the strap tawse finishing of with a 10 strokes lightly applied with my horse whip . I I unstrap him from the bench , back on your knees , with a little giggle I attach the nipple clamps the ones I know will cause the most pain haha because it’s taken them so well I attach some weights to it’s cock cage , you can now worship my arse I bend over allowing it to kiss my panties clad bottom all over . Finishing the session with a few more lashes before sending him on his way . He will be back !

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