Birthday Bash Session

  • June 11, 2023

Meet Mistress V outside with her coffee she asks did I bring her a shopping list I said yes so walk to the fun house had pre-catch up b4 ordering to empty my shopping bag she has my treats and 2 fresh creams. cakes candles and tens cock shocker then instruct to slip into my sissy dress without underwear when mistress got ready then mistress slip in my pink cock gag locked in place then point to the bench. i bend over and strap myself in nice and tired and started by clamping tens clamps to my balls then crack it up to stinging mode then started to warm my arse checks to nice rose red with paddle and strap before moving onto the blue handle whip and flogger and finishing off with red handle whip and wooden paddle extra hard to remember who’s in charge and untied me and shrink wrap me up exposing my nipples and cock/balls order to lye down on bench and slip on nipple and cock and ball tens clamps mistress then crank pain up more to test my pain then mistress V but candles in cake and light it and had n out then the mistress took candles out and walked behind me giggling and smashed the cake into my face and twisted around my face to make sure as coved in cake looking mess then the mistress lowed the headrest down to let me taste my birthday coffee pee drink straight my mouth from Mistress V then washing cake off my face with rest of the pee then cranked the ten machine up my 2 more notches and made my messy chested into birthday cake by putting needles and lighted candles into my nipples and cock make me blow them out as a birthday wish. Then Mistress V put one of my sissy nappies on filling it with fresh pee and then making me put it on and cloth tape to my waist and making me put on my plastic pink nappy and cloth tapping as well making walk home. I had to sent mistress a photo when home before I was allowed to remove it.

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