Fantastic impact play session

  • February 1, 2023

Fantastic session today with a regular sub of mine . Impact play !
When my sub first came to me he was only into spanking and the strap but as the years have progressed he has since moved onto the more harder implements such as the cane and the bull whip . I ordered a new dressage whip which came last week and was so excited to use it today in our session .
Once naked he was bound to my bench , starting with spanking his cheeks medium to hard as I really needed to warm them as today was all about the impact play .
Bottom warmed I begin to use a small slim black leather strap before moving onto the larger brown leather strap and tawse .
He was deep into subspace at this point which meant he was now ready for the new whip , lightly tapping the skin before pulling my arm back for the hard strokes , the sound it makes as it whistles through the air is fantastic then the crack onto the skin , Wow I loved it as did my sub , telling me yes more mistress more , Stopping every now and then to massage the now very hot cheeks , I was so impressed with his efforts and how much he was now taking for me . I decide to switch it up as I really wanted him to stay in this zone , Next up the cane , 20 strokes of medium to hard before returning back to the whip , I wanted to finish with this 20 strokes of the dressage whip , giving him a good rub down with oil after , his bottom was the perfect picture , rosie red with lots of welts . Happy mistress Happy sub . See you once you’ve healed x

Parts of the session can be seen at https://loverfans.com/yorksmistressv

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