Pet Play

2 hour pet play session

  • January 5, 2023

I was looking forward to my session this morning , 2 hours of pet play , I was just getting some doggy toys ready
when the phone pinged , “i’m here mistress” . Texting straight back my doggy with panting at the door , letting him inside my chambers he was looking very excited indeed . Once he was naked I gave my doggy whistle a blow and he was soon at my feet , tribute in its mouth, looking all doey eyed . I pat him on his head , “such a sweet pet “ Now fetch your ball ! I throw it to the other side of the room and he’s soon back with it in his mouth . Good boy . Attaching its collar and lead I give my dog a walk , pulling on the lead every time it tries to get ahead of me ,. After teaching it to beg sit and lay down I was happy with its puppy training , I now wanted to test other limits , using my rope I begin to weave my web , once it was all tied I apply some nipple clamps with fish weights flicking them every now and then . Opening my tall standing cage I put my dog inside and lock the gate , ordering it to bow it’s head while I take a pee in a bowl on the floor .You must be a thirsty doggie after all your puppy training ? It welps twice for yes , I laugh as I open the cage , get down on the floor and drink your pee , it struggles a bit with its doggy hood so I make it drink with a straw . Once all the pee was drunk , I untie it and point over to the bondage board , get your arse over there 👉 doing as it was told I was again weaving a web with it on the bondage board , it did tell me he could handle its feet being tickled , my reply “I will soon change that ! “ cuffing it’s ankles together making sure there was minimal movement , starting on the soles lightly tickling , it tries to struggle but it’s impossible , be a good doggy and let me have fun with your feet . My nails are quite sharp as I slowly run my fingers down the centre , it can’t stand it anymore , so I now concentrate on his cock and balls , running my pin wheel all over its exposed flesh , it excites my puppy . Sitting on its face I repeatedly run the pinwheel over its balls it’s not long before it explodes from the sensations wow you certainly liked that didn’t you ? Going back to being a shy little puppy I ask it if it’s had fun with its training , relying with 2 welps I pat it on the head and send him home , see you soon

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