Body Worship

Happy slave, happy Mistress

  • October 19, 2022

What a fantastic 3 hour session with a new client today , On his arrival we had a brief chat , he told me his likes and dislikes and was soon in the playroom naked , excited and ready to please his mistress .
Tying his cock with a long piece of red rope I then begin to tie the his balls separating them then bringing the rope under his arse and around each leg making sure my rope sits nicely under his arse cheeks his ready for the butterfly sleeve , I love this method as it really does restrain the arms behind the back . I walk around my slave ,teasing him by lightly pulling and pinching his nipples with the noises coming from his mouth I knew he would love to have my nipple clamps hanging from them , I was right he loved them . I loved watching his face as I pulled each one he would gasp. Leading him over to the spanking bench arms still restrained I didn’t need to strap him down he was going nowhere lol . The spanking begins until his cheeks are glowing before moving onto my bullwhip watching him jump with each stroke amuses me . What are you going to be like when i’m caning you ? Not long before we find out . Using my thin cane I start of lightly as he doesn’t want welts and continue with the light strokes until I order him of the bench , I untie his arms and tighten the cock and ball rope . Now get on the floor and open your mouth , Standing over him I order him wider open your mouth wider !
He drank every drop off without spilling any . Moving over to the bondage board . I chain him down telling him I control when he breaths he was just about to nod and I was using his face as my seat 🤣 Attaching the estim to his cock . He never had electrics before and was so glad he did . I didn’t want him to cum I wanted to keep him completely on the edge . Before it was time for him to worship me making sure he never left a single part of me out .
Happy with his worshipping I increase the level of the estim he was blown away with the orgasim are he had . He was a very happy slave and i’m a very happy mistress . 😈

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