Fantastic 2 hour CP session

  • September 23, 2022

What a fantastic session , 2 hours of corporal punishment. One of my favourite sessions .
Slave arrived at the agreed time , he has been coming for sessions for over 4 years but this morning he surprised me , asking if I can push his caning limits higher . Of course I say grining get yourself naked and in front of my bench when I call you .
Calling him through to the playroom I order him over the bench , Strapping him down tightly . I start by giving a lengthy hand spanking making sure his arse cheeks are a bright red before I begin with my flogger , taking my time to ensure he feels every stroke , I then begin with the strap my soft brown leather strap ,which leaves some lovely welts . Making sure my slave has a very good warm up before I start with the more serious implements .The cane .
Giving 50 strokes of mild to hard throughout . My slave was deep into subspace a place where he can take more for his mistress a place that makes us both happy , He was well and truly taking more than he’d ever taken in the past , What a treat it was to see all those beautiful stripes so accurately marked across his arse . Happy slave , Happy mistress

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