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Huddersfield Mistress

My Wishlist

Gifts from my wishlist are given voluntarily, but are always appreciated

Click here to buy from My Amazon wishlist or feel free to purchase anything in the list below:

  • BDSM equipment
  • Anal Swing
  • E-Stim Anal and Cock Insertables
  • Corsets (leather) size 10
  • Bras size 36e
  • Knickers size 12
  • Shoes size 5
  • Christian Louboutin red sole gloss shoes size 5
  • Boots thigh length size 5
  • Single tail whip
  • Cat-o-nine tails (leather)
  • Long leather gloves
  • Perfume (Chanel)
  • Jewellery, watches, necklaces, earrings (gold as I can’t wear anything else)
  • Latex outfits
  • Latex Cat Suit
  • Holiday – south of France
  • Diamonds 💎 are a girls best friend, mwahhh 💋💋
  • Net-A-Porter Gift Card

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