My Anal Play Outcall

  • July 29, 2018

I arrived in Brighouse at the address given by My new client. We had a little briefing on the phone previously before I set off, so on the way there My mind was buzzing with ideas. In My little black bag I had My strapon, vibrating butt plug and rope, all I needed for this hour long outcall session. Knocking on the door, I noticed a curtain twitching downstairs, shortly after which the door opened, and there stood a small man shaking from head to toe. I thought it was quite amusing seeing him squirming.

“Mistress V?”

“It is.”

“Come in.”

Once inside, I told him to show me where we would be playing.

“The room on the right Mistress.”

Opening the door, I saw a large kitchen table.

“You’re going to be tied to that while I fuck you!! Get undressed, down to your underpants.”

Once he did as he was told I pushed him over the table, and grabbing his hands I tied them firmly to the table legs.

“Spread your legs!”

Ankles tied also, leaving him in quite a predicament, I put My strapon on and lubed it up. I then put a finger up his arse, and that made him jump. I laughed out loud!!

“I haven’t started yet bitch boy, shut up and take whatever I give you.”

Gradually easing My cock into his arse, he started to relax. I rode him softly at first just for him to get into the swing of things. Once in full swing I rode the fuck out of him. He begged me to go deeper and deeper, which I of course intended to do anyway.

I pulled My cock out of his arse and slowly walked around to his face.

“Look at me bitch, and open your mouth. Clean My cock.”

Licking and sucking My cock he cleaned it to perfection.

I untied him and made him lie on the floor, and crouching down over his face I pissed directly into his thirsty mouth. He swallowed every bit with no spillage. I was impressed.

Playing with his cock, I give him permission to finish himself off.

Another great session. Back to My chambers for more now!

Huddersfield Mistress V

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