My first time seeing a Mistress

  • June 30, 2020

My very first time seeing a Mistress , I was looking on the internet and click onto Mistress V internet page and thought perfect Mistress for me so I emailed and booked a session. Was very nervous but Excited too when entering to meet Mistress V she smiled and said come in go upstairs to have pre chat about session then I got told to get Undressed and crawl on my hands and knees and then Mistress V came in said on my feet so did what was asked and got my cock and balls tired up and both hands Chuffed behind my back and told to Spread and the Crop and paddles on my cock and balls and a spiking wheels on them too . Mistress V said I’m off to get my cigarettes she came back smoking and sat down in a chair and told me to come closer my cock got a bit too excited and Drooled all over Mistress V foot got told to lick the cum off Mistress V foot so i did and then got some smoke blow in my face also cigarette torture on my balls i could feel the heat off the cigarette Ouch . Then got some nipple torture and weights put on my balls and more paddles on my cock and balls ,next was over the Bench I was chuffed and strapped now with arse sticking up ready for some paddles then the cane sets of 10 i did 3 sets so 30 in total Ouch it did Sting a bit . Then got told to go in another room and lay down on bench really for sounding and metal rod was down my cock Shaft then Electric Metal rod down my shaft Certainly feel the Electric . Then Mistress said you’ve being a good boy deserve a treat Mistress V milking me off then told me to finish it off Mistress V was smoking another cigarette blowing the smoke in my face cigarette torture on my balls too Mistress V Sat on my face and said finish it and Grabbed my balls and said finish it and I did . I will be back for second session Mistress V was fantastic.

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