Triple Domination!

  • July 1, 2020

time for my greedy cock sucking slut to arrive, upon opening the door, there it’s stood all glammed up, blonde wig white summer dress stockings and high heels
get your slutty arse up them stairs, i’ve got a couple of surprises for you!!
once it applied more red lipstick she was ready!
come in here you filthy cock sucker!
i’m going to put you in the cage while i prepare for your surprise!
i hear the gate slam, here’s a light beverage for you to drink while i let your surprise in, lovely refreshing piss!
once it’s drunk, i go downstairs and let my female sub in
Are you ready?
my f sub joins us in the playroom
over the bench you go! i’m going to warm your cheeks with a good hard hand spanking, my slut over there can watch!
once her cheeks were glowing i released this hungry eager slut out
get between her legs and kiss her arse after each stroke of the strap, if it’s not to my liking you’ll suffer
nestling it’s greedy head in between her thighs he begins to kiss her glowing cheeks, i then make it lick her pussy, which she seems to be enjoying, to much lol
slow down bitch it’s not a race, with that i give my slut a very hard stroke with the strap not once but several times
now get up and sort yourself out!
taking my f sub from the bench, i order my slut to lie down
my sub is going to sit on your face
you aren’t going to do anything except smell her anus, nice deep sniffs
once i’m satisfied my sub can get dressed, you can get back in the cage and wait!!!

once my sub had left, my second surprise was now on his way
today you are going to meet paula tall leggy brunette
who also likes to suck cock
my god once paula arrived my slut was so excited, cock cock mistress i want cock!
all in good time slut!
paula enter…

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