Foot Worship

My latest human toilet

  • May 1, 2022

My new toilet slave arrived looking very nervous. Pointing to my chair I order it to sit at my heel while we have a little chat , I find having a chat before a session soon relaxes a slave  getting them ready for what’s about to occur 😈 I hand over it’s outfit once it’s dressed it’s ready for me . First things first shit face , I want you to lie down on your back with your mouth wide open I need to feed you some of my hard skin from my heel using my foot file I begin to scrub hard watching all of the dry skin as it falls into its mouth , swallow it bitch ive got a lot more for you to take we’ve only just begun hehe

Happy with my smooth feet I slip one into his mouth , suck it ! sloppy wet tongue all over my toes heels and soles it’s absolutely enjoying what’s in its mouth .

Spitting  is one of its favourites  lots of it along with snot .  Enjoy it slave you wanting to be fed with my waste and that’s exactly what your going to get , on your feet ! It’s time to go on the bondage board , strapping and tiring him down I cuff his wrists to the toilet box closing the lid I remind him that’s he’s here for breakfast , looking down at this shit eater I order it to open its dirty potty mouth again , doing as it’s told I push once and my shit is out falling down into its mouth , chew it slave I won’t be happy until it’s all gone , placing my gloved hands over its mouth it begins to chew , is it hard to chew ? it looks like your struggling down there , Open your mouth you need a drink to loosen it then it’ll be easier to swallow , nodding My piss is soon flowing . Once i’d finished he soon ate it all up . clean yourself up shit eater your breath stinks haha 

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