Foot Fetish

My new potty mouth

  • April 13, 2022

After speaking with my new potty mouth the day before the session I knew exactly what he wanted before he arrived , I like that when they know exactly what they’ve wished for is going to finally happen . Excited and nervous has he was when entering the chambers soon settled after our little chat , I always like to know my toilet boys and I are always on the same page that way there is No going back !

He hadn’t only just come for breakfast he also wanted to taste my sweaty size 5 feet before I delivered my waste . 

Ordering it down on its knees I stick my foot under his nose ,Sniff my sweaty toes shit eater . Doing as instructed he gets to work on my feet big spopering lick at first , shuffling my foot in further I tell it to get rid of all its saliva and start again , not happy with his work I tell it what’s going to happen next if he doesn’t do an excellent job  , licking and sucking every inch of my toes and toes nippling the skin on my heel , i’m still not happy , I stop and tell it to kneel up with his hands placed together and hold them out at arms length , I then blindfold him and shit into his hands he try’s to pull away and for that I pushed my shit into his mouth and made him hold it there until I was satisfied , He knows who’s boss he knew that from the minute he got on his knees 😈😈

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