My new Female sub

  • March 24, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session spent with my new fem-sub, arriving at the agreed time, she was very nervous as we had our pre-session chat but during the conversation I could see she was beginning to relax.

Time to strip for mistress I want you totally naked! once she was fully stripped I order her over my spanking bench, strapping her down, cuffing her wrists she was ready and eager for what to come next. Lightly flogging her bottom and pussy she moans with pleasure increasing the intensity of each stroke then back down to milder strokes I can tell just by her body language that she’d like more of this so I introduce my bull whip nothing to harsh just enough so I get the same response as the flogging, teasing her pussy now and again she whispers “fuck me mistress”

I insert a smallish dildo first and begin slowly fucking her with her moans excite me, she did mention my anal hook in our chat so while I’m fucking her I insert the anal hook, accepting it as I slide inside her dark hole, her pleasure is increasing moaning a lot louder now, pulling my strapon on. It’s time to be fucked you are my fuck toy for the whole session I’ll fuck you with each and everyone of my cocks, spitting down on my cock, fucking her hard she climaxes all over my cock I see it glistening as I pump her hole. Teasing her of what else I have in mind for her, my fuck machine is waiting for you but first I’m going to tie you up I want to torture your nipples, twisting her nipple as I speak,

Using my finger tips at first before I use the nipple suction cups, she’s never experienced anything like this before, but I can tell she’s up for more, untying her now I order her on all fours in front of my fuck machine, this machine(pointing at the f machine) is going to give you a fucking like no other, I turn it on at a low setting before turning up full speed, Begging for more and more, once she can take no more I lie on my medical bench. Come over here and worship my beautiful body, she crawls over and begins to worship my feet, instructing her to work her way up to my arm pits, Lick them clean bitch! finishing her off with one final orgasm she is broken. I am really looking forward to seeing her again to push her limits further, see you soon x

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