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Brilliant 2 hour session with My new sub

  • March 29, 2022

Brilliant 2 hour session with a new sub today,once inside the building I order him up, walking around in my high heels to the staircase opening we meet, Hello slave pointing to the rug, over there on your knees while we have our little chat 😈 once the chat was over I order him to strip, pushing my latex shiner in his hand, polish my dress everywhere pushing my bottom out, especially here

👉 spraying every part of the dress he sets to work rubbing it everywhere, I turn around to face him, don’t forget my front!

All shiny I now point at my shoes i’d like the same treatment on my shoes, get on your knees and lick them. Happy with the results it’s over to the fucking bench strapping him down I begin his arse stretching until I say he’s ready for a cock.

Using 2 different sized dildos and my doxy teasing his balls.

I unstrap my sub and begin to tie my wicked web of rope around my victim, then gagging him I start to tease and edge his cock, making him lie on the medical bench I sit on his face with my latex clad bottom and rub it all over his face before I carry on with more edging, telling my sub I own his cock and arse, I control when you can and can’t cum laughing as I go back to more edging he wishes he could cum right now but he has to control himself if he wants to please me.

We swap places and it’s now my turn as I lay down on my back I order my sub to lick my dress and worship my beautiful body while encased in latex, asking who is in control he answers, “you’re in control mistress ‘

I finish off the session with a very harsh edging one that’s explosive to say the least 😈😈😈

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