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My new sub from Spain

  • October 4, 2022

Having spoken briefly over the phone with times and dates the session was about to take place .
When my sub arrived at the time given we sat down and had a pre-session chat , I wanted to know about his likes and dislikes , not many dislikes which was great to hear I love Tpe total power exchange , I gave him a safe word as i’d never sessioned with him before . He flew over from spain especially for the session. Pre-session chat over it was now time for the fun to begin . 😈
Showing him to the bathroom I order him to strip naked and present himself to me in the main playroom , upon entering the room it says it has a bunch of nettles . will you use these it says “ lol I replied pass them here’s I know exactly where they are going . I begin to tie the nettles in between the rope tightly wrapping it around its cock and balls , Stinging are they ? laughing as I tighten the rope . Get your arse over that bench , you are mine now for the next 3 hours and i’m going to do what the fuck I like . And you are going to thank me for it . Strapping him down to the bench I spank each cheek until they are a rosy red .
Using my small strap I use different levels of intensity from medium to hard continuously telling it , once ive finished with you , you will be doing things you’ve only ever dreamed of , laughing as the bull whip makes contact reddening its cheeks to a now very crimson red , swishing the whip through the air then the sound of the crack really excites me . Once he could take no more I move onto the cane , I want to push its limits , taking my time with each stroke Light to Medium Hard and very Hard wow he was definitely submissive taking each stroke in his stride . Happy with the end result I unstrap it and point over to the medical bench , go and lay down on the bench . I tie him down on the board then I use some chains to make sure he can’t wriggle , I wanted to surprise him , he really had no clue what was coming next .
Straddling him I tell him to open its mouth , ive got gifts from above , laughing I 💩 straight into its mouth telling it to hold it there doing so I piss slowly into its mouth . Chew and swallow . Wow was I really seeing this novice at hardsports eating my shit ! Of course it was I never expected anything else , he did mention that he’d never done it . One of the bucket list . Once my sun was cleaned up it was time for some needle play finished of with the estim . It was a brilliant session I thoroughly enjoyed it . So did my sub . Already booking for his next session 😈😈

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