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My slave’s brown lippy!

  • August 29, 2022

Once my new slave was inside the dungeon we sat and had a chat about his likes and dislikes . Once this was over I ordered my slave to go and undress and crawl back into the playroom .
Come on boy look at my shoes they are in need of a deep clean with your tongue . During our chat before the session he did say he was willing try anything lol . Does he know what he’s letting himself in for haha Once I was completely satisfied with the shoe worship I order him over my spanking bench , I strap him down tight before giving him a light spanking warm up to begin with always watching his body language, intensifying the slaps so his cheeks were glowing , he points to the canes in the corner , Oh you’d like to try the cane 🦯 would you ? with that I pull my slim whippy cane out and tap it on his bottom , sticking his arse out more as I tap , You like the feel of the cane don’t you slave , he nods . I’m in my glory he can take quite a lot to say he’s never had the cane before , I then move onto my flogger lightly flicking it over his sore cheeks , He also told me he wanted to try anal , being as ive not seen him before I slip on my virgin cock , with lots of lube I slide it in , moving his hips with me as I slowly fuck his arse .
You’ll soon be under my bottom slave my bladder is full . Moving him onto the bondage board , using my rope I weave my web from the ankles to the chest telling him to try and move . He can’t which makes me laugh , time for your drink slave , open your mouth wide it’s about to pour .
Teasing him “I say I need a shit “ would you like to taste my shit ? I’ll have a go was his reply .
One little push and it was out , it had missed his mouth and gone into the bowl at the side of his head ,looking down I could tell the size of it scared him lol I break a small stodgy piece and rub it over his lips ordering him to keep his lips shut ! Needing another pee I stand over him Open ! piss flowing into his mouth he has no choice to swallow he also licks his lips not a bit of shit left on them by the time i’d finished weeing lol . He thought the session had finished at the point until I ordered him to relieve himself into hand I wanted to watch him swallow every bit , which he did of course . He’s already looking at dates for his next session . Fantastic for a complete novice 😈

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