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My first time with Mistress V

  • August 28, 2022

I arrived on time and got the directions to mistress V’s lair, mistress v let me in smiling as I think back now she knew what was going to happen in session already, we sat and had a friendly chat before I went to the bathroom to get undressed, I was ordered to crawl back in with the tribute in my mouth, looking at mistress V is an incredible site, ss she had a cigarette I was told to lick her high heels and suck on the heel lick it was a cock, after this I was told to get on the bench and was spanked,whipped, flogged and fucked hard with two of mistress v’s strap ons, I was left tied down for a while and ordered to suck on the cock that has been up my arse as mistress prepared the bondage board and toilet seat for my final task and my first experience in hardsports, what a beautiful site it was looking up at mistress V’s gorgeous pussy and arse, until reality hit me as her shit came down on my face, mistress kindly picked some up and used it as lipstick on me, I opened my mouth and chewed on some as I wanted to please mistress, she is so generous she gave me a drink of her lovely champagne to make the caviar go down nicely xx thanks mistress V you are amazing xx

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