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Not the usual toilet

  • May 30, 2022

What a fantastic morning with another new toilet slave , not the usual toilet he didn’t want to consume  my waste or have it spread over its body , he wanted to hold it in his mouth , I was so looking forward to this session .

Arriving a little early it sent a text asking if it was ok to call for the session , my rely , no you can wait until 10.30 as agreed ,  chuckling as I tapped send , I knew he was sat in his car waiting my reply .

The phone rang bang on 10.30 , giving the directions he was soon knocking on the door . Enter !

Ordering it to get changed and crawl on all fours to my feet , sitting down I slide my foot out of my shoe , tapping it on the lips with my stocking feet , Worship! 
Once I was happy with its efforts I made it stand , picking up my rope I swing it casually ,time to get tied up you piece of shit   weaving my web around its body ,i then add the blindfold then the ear defenders were on , using my pin wheel I roll it up and down his cock and under his balls , wincing a little , I replace the pin wheel with my shall nails scratching it as I teased its nipples , telling it what I was going to do next , pulling my latex dress above my bottom I order it to get its nose in between my arse cheeks and sniff ! 
Time to go in the box , once his head was inside so close the lid and remind it what’s expected from it , I want you to hold my turd in your mouth and time you , pooing into my gloved hand , I pop it into its mouth , hold it with your teeth while I go and clean myself up , I was im the bathroom for a good 15 mins before I went back to look down at this piece of shit on my floor , open your mouth I want to see if you’ve swallowed any , obediently it opened its mouth , I was shocked to see it exactly how it was when I first put it there , I began to tickle it hoping it might just swallow just a bit , No he made sure it stayed right where it was . 
Wasn’t long before we were chatting about the session when he suggested coming back for a lengthier session . Happy toilet Happy mistress . See you soon 

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