Highly recommended! A testimonial

  • June 1, 2022

Ariving in the car a hour earlier then the booking, i sent a email to Mistress letting her know i am early. Her reply was to tell me to wait.
I am new to the bdsm scene, and she knows that. Knowing im a bag off nerves, and my mind running wild. It was the longest hour off my life. Thinking about what was to come.

At ariving at the door at the exact time as planned, the door opened and was told to go through. I wasnt even allowed to look at mistress. She entered the room and told me to sit down. We had a chat about limits and experiences. Calming my nerves. At this point i was shaking with nerves. Mistress noticed.

After the chat, i got instructed to go get undressed and crawl to her feet. Made to worship them. Worship my goddess. Then the bondage happend. Tied in her web off rope. And sesory play. Unable to see or hear.

Soon tied in her toilet box and left. Mistress returned a good while later and told me to open my mouth. She pissed into a funnel, held by my teeth. Still unable to move. And left me to drink it all. Every drop. She walked away.

Again, left with my own thoughts. She returned, with somthing in her hand. A peice off her shit. It was forced into my mouth. And i was made to lie with it in my mouth. Lips closed. Her shit melting and dripping down my throat. Delicious. Never done this before. But wow. Been left in place, unable to have a say, a choice, nothing.

What a session. Mistress kept me at ease all the way through. Making sure im ok. Very understanding about me been a novice. Very excited about my next session. If your new to the scene, i HIGHLY recomend!!!!

Slave M xxxx

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