Puppy Training Session

  • September 13, 2018

I received the call for a puppy training session. It was my first call for this type of session, we agreed a time and day.

On the morning of the appointment I called in at the pet shop on my way to the chambers and bought some plastic balls for my puppy to play with. I also bought some pedigree chum and some doggy treats!!!

“I think I’m going to spoil this puppy and give him a good walk around my garden!! ”

The door bell rings, I opened the door to a drooling panting pup!

“Come inside I’ll get you some water 💦 my water, hahaha!”

I filled his water bowl with my piss, telling my pup to get on all fours and drink it up!

As you know, puppies don’t always listen first time, but with a nudge of my boot on his arse he soon started to drink it.

Once he’d drunk it all I then told him to undress down to his boxer shorts, and resume his puppy position; putting his collar and lead on we headed for the back door. It was a nice day for dog walking.

Outside I threw a ball, telling him to fetch it! He was a bit of a slow learner this one! Offering him a treat I threw the ball again; he ran and played with it. He’s got a long way to go if he wants to be as clever a dog as lassie lol!

We went back inside, presuming my puppy hasn’t eaten..

edigree chum opened and in his dish, he looked up at me all dopey eyed.

I told him: “It’s dinner time.”

Stroking his head, I spoon fed him. It wasn’t to his taste, so I reminded him that he’s my puppy and I will train him to be the best dog on the block! See you soon puppy 🐶

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