Outdoor Play

  • August 18, 2018

Got an early morning phone call from one of My slaves this morning.

“Can you dominate me outside Mistress??”

“Why not seeing that you’ve woken Me up!”

“I’ll pick You up in 30 minutes Mistress. Do you know somewhere discreet where we can play?”

“I know the perfect place.”

Collecting My rope, handcuffs, collar and lead, I wait for him to pick Me up. Once he arrives, I make him change over to the passenger seat.

“Move over, I’m driving.”

I headed for the location. all the while, My slave was looking at Me, quivering.

“What are You going to do to me Mistress?”

“Hahaha, I’m not going to disclose that information!”

Once I’d parked up, I put his collar and lead on. The graveyard is very quiet at this time of the morning.

“Get on all fours, dog!”

I lead him around until I saw a good sized tree to tie him to. Climbing over the wall, I lead him to the tree.

“Get up and stand with your back to the tree.”

As I tied him up, laughing as it was so amusing seeing him half naked, he asked if he could masturbate. Slapping him across the face, I informed him that he had to drink My piss before he gets to pleasure himself. I untied him and demanded he lay down on the ground.

“Open wide and swallow!”

He gulped down every last drop.

“Get up! Now you may relieve yourself then get dressed.”

Getting back in his car, we made our way back to where I was picked up.

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