Sniff My Royal Arse!

  • December 24, 2020

Dressed in my fur coat and boots waiting hands on hips at the top of my stairs.
Ordering my slave to come up .
Looking down on this quivering wreck I order it to crawl to me on hands and knees once your at the top i want you to pull my zipper up from the heel to the very top
Turning around so he can get the zip in his mouth I bend over slightly , enough for it to catch a glimpse of my arse cheeks
Up you get !
I want you over there on the medical bench .Securing him down with straps nice and tight
I begin smothering my slave with my arms then moving down I climb over him making him sniff the fur as i do so
With my leather gloved hand I pinch his nose and cover his mouth
You love the smell of my leather and the feel of my fur don’t you slave ?
Releasing my hands from his face I replace it with a bare bottom
I want your nose as my seat . You can now sniff my royal arse !
Letting a fart out I poop straight into his mouth , Swallow that !
I’m not sure if it was the fart or the fur that got him so excited
5 minutes of rubbing my coat all over him , it was over he’d cum
I made him go home with his dirty soiled undies still on .
See you in the new year x

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