Weaving My Web!

  • January 4, 2021

Using my rope I start to weave my web from the the neck down to his feet . My slave can’t move and that’s just how I like it !
Laying him down onto the medical bench I strap him down to it .
Making sure it’s head was over the edge of the bench
I stand with my legs open straddled with his head in between my thighs I tighten my grip like a vice .
Open your mouth slave
I’m going to tighten my grip so you can’t move you won’t have a choice but to drink my piss
Laughing as I piss into his mouth
Drink it slave .
When he had drunk it all I release him from the bench taking him over to the fuck swing
I place the strapons on the floor .
Look at all my lovely cocks slave . which one shall i start with ?
I start with the smallest size which it takes really well before moving on the bigger ones
After giving it a good pounding I finish him of with the estim
He’s loving the electricity flowing through his cock and it’s not long before he cums .

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