Human Toilet

My Latest Hard Sports Client

  • December 29, 2022

Of all the things that I do, hard sports is my favourite and I love welcoming a new hard sports slave into my chambers. It makes me feel good that people are honoured to eat my poo. My latest human toilet arrived; slightly nervous but I like that!

During our pre session chat it transpired that my new poo eater had experience but hadn’t done it for a while. He also expressed an interest in painful trampling. I told him he’d better be hungry because I’d eaten a big breakfast in readiness for him! Thankfully, he was indeed hungry and he gleefully swallowed my waste, washed down with copious amounts of my pee. I then made him lick my shitty arse clean. I’d already told him he would be punished if he didn’t completely clean me up. When he’d finished cleaning me with his tongue I wiped myself with toilet paper.  Oh dear! He hadn’t done a perfect job of cleaning me!

“Over my punishment bench!”

Having tied him securely to the bench I gave him 50 very hard strokes of the sjambok. If you are going to clean me after hard sports, I require absolute perfection, otherwise the punishment is real.

I untied him and made him lie on the floor face down, trampling his back, legs and arse with my sharpest heels while I sat next to him on a chair , leaving heel indentations and scratches all over him. Then I made him lie face up and I trampled his chest, belly, cock and balls, once again marking him as he had requested.

A fantastic session; he has booked to come back in 2 weeks!

Wakefield Mistress V

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