Testimonial from Danni

  • August 19, 2019

I have been looking for a suitable Mistress for a while who would indulge my fantasies of feminization and at some point in the future some form of force bi session. and after a lot of searching I came across Mistress V.

I booked a two hour session and was incredibly nervous when I arrived but Mistress put me at my ease and soon had me dressed in my schoolgirl outfit, suitably made up as a slut and prepared to be trained. I was taken further into the Mistress / sissy world than I had previously by being restrained made to suck Mistresses strap on and also introduced to anal play through fingers and butt plugs etc. Mistress also made me be a better sissy by making me walk like a girl before making me taste my pre cum and then using her electrical toys on me.
Mistress gave me everything I could have hoped for and has promised a full on force bi session in future which I will definitely be taking her up on.

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