My first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations

  • August 19, 2019

To say my first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. On arrival we had a very relaxed discussion of what I hoped to get out of our meeting and I hurriedly stripped off on her instructions eager for our session to begin. This lady knows what she is doing and does it with a wicked sense of humour and skill. She quickly cuffed me and tied up my cock and balls leaving me feeling wonderfully vulnerable. She then added some nipple clamps and weights which she quickly noticed was something that particularly excites me (more about this later) She lit her first cigarette which again she noticed had a throbbing effect on my cock and soon had me offering my mouth for use as her ash tray. Before her second cigarette she strapped an o ring gag on me to hold my mouth open. Now when she flicked ash into my mouth I was unable to swallow until she finished her cigarette and I had a mouth full of ash. This I was ordered to swallow when the gag was removed. I was then ordered to follow her into the toilet where she peed all over the seat for me to clean up but not before she smoked a third cigarette and sprinkled the ash into her pee. She was very demanding that I lick up every drop which I did greedily. At this point I thought the session was coming to an end but she led me into another room and had me lay on my back on a bench. I mentioned earlier how she had noticed the effect of the clamps on my nipples and having removed them she replaced them with some scissor clamps. As she twisted and pulled on them I could see the delight in her eyes and I couldn’t stop myself begging her to hurt me more. At that moment the pain was so exquisite I wanted to take it all to please her. The fire in her eyes got brighter as she then used her nails on my already tender nipples – heaven! Before I left we had a relaxed chat about future sessions which I know will involve a lot more pain for me which is what I want so that I can please her.

Mistress V is a very accomplished practitioner of the art of domination. Did I mention she looks stunningly sexy and is a very sensual smoker. This lady will take control of your mind and body and leave you with a huge smile on your face.

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