The Collaring Ceremony

  • March 1, 2021

Where to start? Such an exciting time with Mistress V from start to finish.

Mistress V did everything I asked for, and did them with the most magnificent skill I’ve ever encountered.

I’d asked for humiliation and degradation as well as some pain and I received them in abundance. I was made to drink lots of pee, straight from the source, and Mistress V spat into my mouth often, instructing me to swallow it.

I licked Mistress V’s sweaty armpits and nibbled away at the hard skin on her feet, the latter of which I’ve never done before. Mistress V is so refreshingly original.

Mistress V then sat on my mouth and farted into my mouth, sitting still and forcing me to breathe it all out through my nose, thereby getting the full smell and taste of it. This is exactly the kind of humiliation and degradation I’d requested.

I was then secured to an inversion table and inverted, with Mistress V torturing my cock and balls while I worshipped her. Again, so refreshingly, excitingly original.

Next was the strapon. I was instructed to sit in the sling and Mistress V took me with her strapon. Being taken like that while being able to look directly at Mistress V’s inimitably beautiful face was an experience I will treasure forever.

I’d asked Mistress V to help me to lose weight by setting me targets and punishing me for failing to meet the targets. A weigh-in showed that I’d failed to meet the target so I was strapped to the bench and whipped with the single tail. Beware: if you request a proper punishment from Mistress V, you will get one! It hurt, but it taught me a lesson. I’ll be hitting the target next time!

At last came the crowning glory of the day: the collaring ceremony. Mistress V had been considering allowing me to become one of her collared slaves for some time, and today was the day my dream came true. The fact that Mistress V took the trouble to buy me a collar, lead and dog tag, plus devise a unique collaring ceremony is something for which I am eternally grateful. Being Mistress V’s collared slave comes with responsibilities. It isn’t just a title. And it is more than an honour. It is also a commitment to help improve Mistress V’s life in some way. My intention is to do that, and I am proud to be Mistress V’s collared slave.

I was then tied to the medical bed and a double pinwheel was used on my cock, balls and nipples. The happy ending was explosive!

If you want to enjoy a session that is honed to perfection, look no further than Mistress V. As she says, once bitten, forever smitten.

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