Another Wonderful Session

  • February 15, 2021

Mistress V has the most striking beauty I’ve ever seen. She has perfect beauty, from head to toe. Nobody else comes close.

The session started with impact play. I was securely strapped to the bench. What made it so special and enjoyable was seeing Mistress V in the mirror while she was flogging me. She started with a light flogger, teasing me with her sensuality, easing me into subspace before moving on to a perfectly administered riding crop then various canes then finally the single tail whip. I normally find that caning is too severe for me, but with Mistress V I can take anything and really enjoy it. I’ve yet to meet a Mistress who is as good as Mistress V is. The combination of pain/pleasure/sensuality is second to none.

After the impact play, Mistress V used her fucking machine on me, gradually increasing the speed while I worshiped her beautiful feet. What a fantastic experience that was. Because Mistress V lubed me up well with her gloved hand before using the machine, I felt no pain; just overwhelming pleasure.

I love water sports and Mistress V took full advantage of that, peeing into my mouth 3 times during the session, deliberately drinking plenty of water to give me as much pee as possible. You don’t encounter that kind of dedication to give you the best possible session very often but Mistress V does it every time.

Mistress V is by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And the best Mistress.

Thank you for another wonderful session Mistress V. Looking forward to the next one already

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