The Subspace Time Continuum – a Testimonial

  • January 16, 2022

Mistress V greeted me from the top of the stairs with a welcoming smile, clad in black latex leggings and red body. After our little pre-session tete-a-tete, putting me at ease and increasing my anticipation of what i knew would be a fantastic session, Mistress instructed me to remove my clothing and then kneel before Her.
Having disrobed, i turned around to find Mistress brandishing a super-sized roll of clingfile. Spinning round, i was soon cocooned entirely from head to toe except for CaB. The reason for that soon became obvious as Mistress produced sounds and a pin wheel which were rapidly deployed on my exposed sensitive bits, teasing and tormenting with the skill and finesse that is a hallmark of Mistress’ ministrations.

Mistress produced a blindfold which was fixed firmly around my head. As Mistress’ fingers wormed down the inside of the clingfilm cocoon from my neck to my left nipple and ripped a hole in the film, i suspected i was about to be the recipient of some nipple torture. i didn’t have long to wait, trembling in my plastic case. The tell-tale gentle wiping of my nipple with a sterile wipe signalled the arrival of a needle – right through my nipple. That certainly caused me to suck my breath in. Not content with that, 4 more needles went into my cvck before Mistress re-introduced the sound.

Manipulating the needles and sound, alternating between pain and pleasure, Mistress soon had me propelled into subspace.

Cutting me out of the cocoon, Mistress ordered me across to Her bench. Strapped down, Mistress proceeded to use one of Her floggers, at first gently then more forcefully, increasing the sensitivity of my buttocks before progressing to one of my favourites – the Sjambok. As Mistress flicks it across the flesh, it makes a fantastic clean crack, irrespective of whether the touch is light or severe. Just when one thinks there’s a rhythm building up, Mistress changes the strength – expecting a severe kiss, then the light tap causes one to jump. Vice versa for being lulled into expecting a light tap. When first i started seeing Mistress, impact play wasn’t on my list but it now forms a significant part of our sessions. Mistress is an expert with all forms of implement: if you want the experience but no long-lasting marks, Mistress can deliver!

Suitably relaxed, Mistress proceeded to take advantage of my supine position. First a long, thin lube’d dildo was used to expand the passage before i was treated to an athletic pounding from Mistress.

By now I’d worked up a thirst – the clingfilm has a dehydrating effect – and i gratefully accepted the vintage champagne Mistress offered. Mistress is most generous in Her offering and it would have been rude to spill any.

Thirst quenched, Mistress indicated i should hoist myself into Her swing. Suitably positioned, ankles shackled above my head, it wasn’t long before i was once again experiencing the delights of Mistress’ grinding and energetic thrusting. To feel the rhythmic pounding of Mistress against and inside one is a sensation that transcends any other experience – firm, varying in speed and intensity, Mistress is adept at sensing and responding to every expression and nuance of one’s body, reacting instinctively as one’s body thrills to the increasingly urgent sensations of pleasure wafting through it.

And so another fantastic session with Mistress V came to an all too sudden end. Mistress not only takes one into the realms of subspace but also introduces one to time travel – time seems to fly as one succumbs to Her charm and expertise. For Mistress V, domination is not just a vocation, it is Her life’s passion. The physical and emotional energy Mistress expends to make each and every session a unique and memorable experience is truly exceptional. It is an honour to be permitted to serve You, Mistress – Thank You.

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