There IS gain without pain – a gentle session – a testimonial

  • January 15, 2022

I wanted a session whereby I feel the Mistress is in full control, but I don’t enjoy too much pain.  So more geared towards tie and tease and humiliation.  Nevertheless I wanted to feel powerless and that Mistress had total control.  That’s a tough ask for any Mistress so I scoured the Internet to find a truly elite Mistress.  I did notice from Mistress V’s blogs and testimonials that a lot of her clients enjoy more severe stuff, but her sessions page does say that she enjoys milder stuff too so I tentatively and nervously rang her to discuss it.  As soon as I heard Mistress V’s warm, friendly, welcoming voice, I became very relaxed.  I knew I’d rung the Mistress who is exactly right for me.

Mistress V has jaw dropping beauty and had a really friendly and jovial demeanour during the discussion we had before our session. That discussion was heartening and relaxing; Mistress V went through everything with me to ensure she hadn’t missed anything from our phone conversation. She is incredibly professional. She told me that she would get me into subspace, which is something I’d never experienced with other Mistresses. I couldn’t wait for the session to start.

After our conversation, within seconds I was naked and on my knees kissing Mistress V’s dainty, perfectly manicured feet and legs. Wow! Mistress V certainly knows how to take charge! Mistress V then put me over her knee and gave me a hand spanking that left my bottom tingling.  The spanking started very gently and worked up.  I began to realise just how special that feeling of subspace is.  Amazing!

I was then tied very securely to the spanking bench and my backside was flogged with a multi stranded flogger, again gently but working up.  To my amazement I found myself enjoying every stroke of the flogger. Mistress V told me she was so proud of me taking the flogger that she was going to allow me to worship her perfect bottom.  Wow, what a privilege. I was in heaven.

I was then put into the stand up cage and secured to its bars, so I was once again completely helpless. Mistress V attached electrics to my cock and set it to pulse.  It didn’t hurt but it was a fantastic sensation that really turned me on. While I was so visibly aroused, Mistress V tweaked my nipples with her fingernails, observing me carefully to ensure I was never in too much pain. As I rapidly ascended into subspace, I felt pegs being attached to my balls. Not too painful but enough to know that Mistress V is in charge!

I was removed from the cage and put into the smother box. Mistress V sat herself comfortably onto my face and allowed me to savour her beautiful aroma while increasing the intensity of the electrics on my cock until I reached the most explosive climax I’ve ever had. Mistress V laughed excitedly as I came. I enjoyed the fact that she was enjoying my pleasure.

Mistress V insisted on having an after-session discussion to ask me how it went and made suggestions in case I want another session.  Damn right I want another session! With Mistress V, I’m going to be able to take – and enjoy – more pain than I ever thought I would want.  Really looking forward to our next session.  The next session will be longer.

Mistress V, thank you – you’re incredible xx

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