Foot Fetish

The ultimate sound experience! A testimonial

  • July 26, 2021

Arriving at Mistress V’s Chambers on a warm morning, Mistress was already prepared for the session, clad in one of Her less formal costumes which emphasised Her stunning figure and long, lithe legs.

With a little time for pleasantries, i was ordered to strip and make my way across Chambers to the bench and mirror. Kneeling before Mistress, my collar and chain was fastened tightly around my neck; back where i feel most relaxed and content.

‘Stand’, ordered Mistress, with a slight upward tug on the collar and lead. Mistress stepped behind me and ordered me to ‘Open’, as a gag was placed in my mouth and fastened tightly above my collar. Never having worn a gag before, it was an unusual feeling, especially as it felt one size too big for my mouth. Still, ‘no pain, no gain’ as the saying goes. Again, stepping behind me, even though i was watching Mistress in the mirror, the blindfold and earmuffs took me by surprise. Sensory deprivation is one of Mistress’ little enhancements, and while i enjoy not knowing what is coming, it’s counterbalanced by not being able to see Mistress as She stalks Her Chamber or hearing Her dulcet, commanding voice. Enough – ‘Shuffle forward, feel with your toes’ was the next command. Having done so, i could feel something about groin height. Yes – it was the pillory again and i was soon trapped in its jaws as Mistress deftly tightened the screws, squeezing my pathetic C&B together into a miniscule space. Mistress started the CBT by lightly dancing a feather all over but concentrating on my midriff. Erect and enjoying the sensation, i gasped through the gag as Mistress fastened a nipple clamp on each of my small nipples. The immediate reaction was to want to bend over, but of course, that would have ended up with a trip to A&E. Standing panting, Mistress continued with the CBT, alternately using a feather and light flogger, sensuous in one area of my anatomy, painful in another. Suddenly, first one then the other clamp fell to the floor with a clang – not enough flesh for them to grip on! Thanking the stars, didn’t do much good – Mistress had another pair which gripped better!

Mistress eventually relented and released me from the pillory and flicking back the blindfold, ordered me onto Her bench. Thoughtfully placing a towel over the leather, as by now the temperature was rising, and allowing me to spit out the gag, i was swiftly strapped in and being subject to a series of well-placed strokes from Mistress, using a strap, flogger and paddle in turn, each implement being applied with increasing fervour until moving on to the next. Mistress didn’t solely concentrate on my buttocks, with random application of the items to my C&B. Concentrating on trying not to flinch as Mistress strikes sometimes works, but the cadence and intensity varies so much and so skilfully that there’s always the stroke that causes a jump – and is accompanied by Mistress’s sensually sadistic laugh.

By this time, my cheeks were a rosy pink colour and Mistress started preparing me for some anal play. Every session I’ve had with Mistress has seen my limits stretched and today was no exception. After what felt like a lifetime of fvcking me with Her dildo, Mistress pronounced ‘You’re going to have an anal orgasm’. Never having had one, i didn’t know what to expect. Mistress vigorously pounded away and suddenly i lost control of all my limbs as i started to shake and quiver uncontrollably. Easing the dildo out, i lay gasping on the bench like a landed fish as Mistress unbuckled the straps. Standing was even worse/better, as everything was still trembling from the intensity of the fvcking I’d just received.

Mistress allowed me a drink of water, before sitting and ordering me on my knees before Her once again. Presenting me with one of Her feet, i was instructed to worship it from toe to heel. Mistress’ exertions and the heat of the morning had combined to give each delicate square centimetre of skin a slightly salty tang, that my tongue lapped up gratefully as iworshipped those beautiful feet in the way Mistress had taught me. First the left foot, then the right. Having worshipped those dainty feet, i was offered the opportunity to worship Mistress’ legs in the same fashion.

Mistress was pleased with my efforts and eventually i was allowed to stand. That was to be short-lived as Mistress commanded me on my back on the floor once again, before providing a thirst-quenching, refreshing glass of pale, warm nectar.

Revived, i was directed to Mistress’ medical bench,whereupon lay 3 sounds; a long thin one, a shorter, thicker ribbed one and what seemed like a long, thick snooker cue. Surely there was no way that was going in my tight little pee-hole! Mistress started with the thin one, carefully applying lube to the end before carefully guiding it into that little hole. ididn’t know where to look – at the glistening steel rod slowly being consumed by my cvck, or at Mistress’ rapt expression as She concentrated on guiding the steel shaft in and out . The sensation was incredible and my cvck responded immediately to the sensation. Removing the thin probe, next in was the shorter thicker knobbly one and, having stretched me with the previous, this slid in painlessly, but with a much tighter feel. After some play with this , Mistress lubed up the snooker cue, and before i knew it, my balls had been well and truly potted. The feeling from the tip right down to the base of my scrotum was intense, as the steel pushed outwards against the natural resistance of my flesh. Producing a vibro, Mistress heightened the sensation by applying it variously to the top of the protruding sound, sending the vibrations all the way down it’s length, and to the sides and head of my cvck. Forget Glastonbury – this was the ultimate sound experience!

I’ve been visiting Mistress V for a couple of years now and in that time, Mistress has taken me from being a BDSM virgin to a sub whom Mistress has nurtured and grown. Never could ihave imagined the delight and satisfaction that Mistress has brought to my life. Each visit has stretched me further, and taken me into new experiences, all carefully managed by Mistress V. Never once have i had to use a safety word – Mistress just knows when enough is enough for a particular session. Subsequent sessions have just increased that capacity to enjoy even more of Mistress V’s prodigious talents.

Thank You, Mistress V.

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