Kirsty’s session with Mistress V

  • July 31, 2021

The session started with a chat about stuff then instruct unreleased when MISTRESS got ready in the toilet came out in stunning Little black dress and killer high heels I kneeled in front of bench mistress give me silky pink and white slut dress to wear to match my pink heels told buy then made to walk lady up and dungeon floor then Kirsty in the front mirror in heels lol 😆 (not a lady ) came warm-up time bend over the bench and strap down and dress lifted and heat came down with straps, cane, floggers, inc hand then nice pink dick was slide up me with instructions keep in when rain of toys back down inc hair brush .then strap down to rack for a refreshing drink of golden amber straight from golden queen then onto med bench were NUSES V restrap down 4 needles slip into my ball sack about 17 inserted them slipping down my saft was sounds tubes with magic ward jiggleing in me then came the vac bed time can’t remember this because I was deep #supspace them more golden amber then locked and strap and cuffed into cage with buck clamps on nipples and sack with nuse V walking them with logger making them jingle all the way the. Zap me with electric knife them released and drank more golden amber. Thanks Mv seen next month

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