Total Power Exchange – a Testimonial

  • July 20, 2021

The sissy slave arrived for yet another session with the Divine Mistress V. Slave has been visiting the Mistress for over three years and has established such trust in her that all sessions are now ‘no limits’ and the slave is always totally under her control.

On arrival the slave gave Mistress the gifts he had brought her. A white rubber hood, a skin stapler, sterile curved sewing needles, feeding gag and evil vampire gloves.

Ordered to strip down to his stockings and suspenders, put on the rubber hood and get across the punishment bench. As the slave had arrived slightly early Mistress had not had time to change into her Mistress clothes so the slave was treated to the sight of seeing her beautiful body. Whilst on the bench he was given a severe hand spanking then given a very severe flogging with her leather whip.

Mistress decided to put the vampire gloves to use. She then proceeded to destroy his back and backside. Then to the medical bench to do his front. (Had to lie on a towel due to how hot it was ,

Slave had requested that shaving of his pubes could be done during the session. Mistress decided that a waxing would be a lot more painful. By god it was. Mistress took get delight in ripping off large areas at a time, laughing all the time. He was also used as an ashtray and made to eat the cigarette butt.

Time for the stapler. The slave can be quite talkative during a session so Mistress decided it was time to shut him up. Simple – staple his lips shut. Mistress then proceeded to staple her initials MV onto his chest. (Must have used at least 50!)

Slave needed the loo so was told to pee in a bottle.

Back onto the bench for the slave to receive a good fucking with a dildo. The fucking machine was then brought into use. Slave had to take it for as long as it took Mistress to smoke a cigarette.

By mutual consent it was decided to cut the session short due the heat: both slave and Mistress were soaking wet. Time to take the staples out. Two would not come out so they were left in for the slave take them out at home.

Whilst slave dried off Mistress decided to add her golden champagne to the bottle in order for the slave to enjoy his cocktail on the train journey home.

Another fantastic session with an incredible beautiful Mistress. Next session he was told that a piss and shit smoothie would be waiting for him on arrival and he would be force fed it if necessary.

Another incredible session. And yes he did drink the piss cocktail on the train.

Thank you Mistress and see you next month.

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