Stretching my limits to perfection

  • July 12, 2021

Arriving at Mistress V’s premises for the first time since before Christmas, I was very much looking forward to our session, but at the same time somewhat more nervous than previous sessions. The nerves were soon forgotten as Mistress had me securely fastened over her punishment bench within minutes of my arrival. I was then subjected to a thorough warm up ready for some serious impact play. A blindfold was then placed on me so that I could not see which implements were being used, but was very much aware that a variety of straps, whips and canes were being used quite vigorously to very good effect. As usual Mistress expertly pushed me to my limits, and stretched those limits a little, for some time, to provide a very intense experience.

Mistress V then moved me over to the medical bench where a mask with breathing hoses was placed over my head. Wearing the mask had the effect of making me feel isolated from my surroundings and forced to focus on whatever Mistress was doing to me. This was a rather strange, but certainly not unpleasant, feeling. Although the mask substantially reduced what could be seen, it was clear that Mistress had a couple of sounds in her hand. After a generous amount of lube had been applied both to the sound and to my cock the thinner one was inserted. This penetrated very easily and mistress quickly moved on to use a thicker one. The sound was then repeatedly slid in and out of my cock producing an unusual but very pleasant physical sensation. Being penetrated in this way by Mistress also has a powerful mental effect (sense of submission/ power exchange?) which adds greatly to the experience.

Mistress then used a vibrator in conjunction with the sound to intensify the sensations. On top of this, Mistress further added to the cocktail of sensations by inserting several needles into one of my nipples. At this point I was drifting off into subspace – absolute magic!

I was then allowed to pleasure myself whilst the needles in my nipple were manipulated in a quite painful way . The resultant mix of sensations, both painful and pleasurable, resulted in a wonderful finale to the session.

Hopefully it will not be long before I will be able to visit for another session and again experience the magic of being under the control of Mistress V.

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