A brilliant start to the week!

  • September 3, 2019

What a brilliant start to the week, my first appointment rang out of the blue 8am I’d not long been up, hardsports. My toilet wants to consume my shit today for his breakfast. An hour later and I’m sat on my toilet box with potty mouth all snug inside, legs and wrists cuffed, you will not struggle once my shit goes in your mouth, you will eat every bit that comes out of me,lowering myself so my arse hole is directly over his mouth I do the deed, looking down at this piece of shit, he’s struggling! Time for me to assist you, with that I cover his mouth and nose. Chew! After what seemed an eternity he finally swallowed the last piece, well done shit breath, go and clean yourself up.Once you’ve showered I’m going to abuse your arse with my FIST 👊…

My second client (newbie) not to bdsm.he’s played before so has some,experience, a very nervous sub may I add, after a brief chat he starts to relax. (Head mistress ) roleplay corporal punishment one of my favourite activities

I start with a hand spanking before moving on to my canes, after warming him up I move on to the strap light to medium strokes until his arse is glowing a nice bright red
He can take a good thrashing this one using 3 different canes I give 80 strokes in sets of 10 medium, as he dosnt want any blood or long lasting marks. Once I’m happy with the results I then take him in the medical room breathplay electrics (estim), starting with the estim he’s never experienced it before! Once I attach the estim I set it to pulse, I like this setting for a first timer you can start it of light and intensify it after a few minutes watching my sub need to be tied up boy if you carry on like that,or shall I take you back in my main room and put your arse over my bench again!! Thought not, if you want the privilege of worshipping my body you will take it for me, he soon sees sense and complies, I don’t want the estim to make him come so I take it of before I allow him to worship my body (fully clothed) as he dosnt deserve me naked. After his pathetic attempt I order him to relieve himself and leave. He will be back..
so my Monday as been a fun filled day of bdsm.
Taking sessions all week from 10am after I’ve been swimming

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