A Fantastic 2 Hour Session!

  • August 28, 2019

Fantastic two hour session yesterday (Tuesday) I’ve not seen this sub for quite some time,, at the old premises, so he’s in for a pleasant surprise when he arrives at Domspace

Wearing sexy black lingerie and black pvc thigh high boots, I open the door. Up you go!

We chat briefly about likes and dislikes I then tell him to get ready

I’m going to have fun with you today, but not until you show my beautiful booted legs some attention
Sitting on my throne, I collar and lease my dog, then attaching wrist cuffs with hands behind his back I order my dog to lick!!
Suck my heel, deeper I want to see you deep throat it! impress your mistress, you are privileged to be at my feet, enjoy the taste of my boots, spitting on them, “clean it “
Teasing his balls with my other boot, his cocks swelling with every movement. On your feet! Lets go downstairs, leading him down he’s curious as to what’s in the room .
“Oh mistress I love it down here “ opening the cage door I order him in
I attach the lead to the cage and tie his cock and balls tight!!
Teasing his balls with my sharp talons before using my riding crop on them, I do love torturing balls 😈 they are now the perfect colour (purple)
Pulling up a seat I settle down to more cock and ball torture, now with my very sharp heels, placing his cock in between my heel I rub hard, always keeping eye contact
How do you feel to be caged and abused? Your cock likes my sharp heels scratching your shaft it’s twitching with excitement, like my cock will be once it’s in your mouth, when I release you I’m going to turn you into my cock sucking maid
Back upstairs i get the PVC maids outfit and help him into it, “I’m a filthy cock sucking slut aren’t i mistress “?
You are indeed, your my cock sucker now, open your mouth and suck on my cock like you did with my heel. Deep throat!! Other wise I’ll make you gag on it hehehe disappointed mistress.
You’re going over my bench as your cock sucking skills are pathetic, pulling my cock from the sluts mouth. Get on that bench, you’ll receive a flogging and thank me for it before you try again. And if your still shit at it maybe the electrics will encourage you, with a wicked smile and glint in my eye I turn on my heel and get my soft leather flogger…

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