A Testimonial from S

  • September 8, 2019

I was lucky enough to visit Mistress V a few days ago for my 6th session with this incredible Mistress. To say that I was excited was a vast understatement, as our relationship has grown so have the intensity of the sessions. Mistress knows what I like and how to push my boundaries.

After getting undressed Mistress allowed me to help her into the new catsuit that I’d bought for her. Dressing your Mistress for a session is a pleasure that should not be missed, my anticipation of things to come was growing. Once Mistress was dressed, I had the honour of polishing her. She looked incredible before I started and when I’d finished, well I do not have the words to describe her magnificence.

After my last session Mistress had instructed me to get some anal plugs to stretch myself so that she would be able to use more of her toys on me. Mistress appreciated my efforts and was able to start fucking me quicker and harder than she has in the past. Being able to watch Mistress fuck me while strapped to her bench is an incredible feeling, thank heavens for those full-length mirrors.

I do really enjoy electro CBT and after being released from the bench I was instructed to enter the medical room and lie on the bed. Mistress then produced an electro sounding device and my eyes bulged. I couldn’t believe how far Mistress inserted it into me. The combination of electrics and sounding was out of this world!

Mistress attached a spiked cock ring and led me downstairs to her new torture chamber, it looks incredible. I was quickly locked in a cage with the cock ring still attached while Mistress teased my nipples and cock without once dropping eye contact. Her eyes are just bewitching and that continuous stare was just hypnotic.

Finally, Mistress put on her stunning thigh high leather boots and allowed me to worship them. Once I had done so to her satisfaction I was allowed to cum on then and, obviously, lick them thoroughly clean.

Mistress V is simply amazing, each session is just getting better and better! I can’t wait for my next visit again.

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