A Glowing Testimonial

  • April 20, 2021

I have been lucky enough to serve Mistress V twice now and can honestly say there is noone else that I want to serve.

When I first found Mistress V’s website and began reading the testimonials I couldn’t help be jealous of those other slaves who had been lucky enough to experience a session, from there my desire to submit to Mistress V soon developed in to a need to serve her.

Mistress V is a stunningly beautiful lady and immediately put me at ease during the initial chat. For the best session I would urge anyone to be completely open and honest, about what you’re looking for. Mistress has now introduced me to needle play and on my first visit even provided breakfast with champagne.

On my most recent visit I knew I could trust Mistress V and after requesting no long lasting marks I put myself completely in Mistress’s hands.

I’m hoping to be able to serve at Mistress’ feet again sometime soon and will once again hand over full control to Mistress. There are still a few things I have never experienced but I know with Mistress V’s guidance I soon will and I really can’t wait

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