A Testimonial – a post lockdown session with Mistress V

  • April 13, 2021

Wakefield Mistress


I celebrated the end of the Covid lockdown with a session with Mistress V.

Mistress has been vaccinated against Covid and also regularly self tests with lateral flow tests, as I do. Her premises are kept spotlessly clean. She therefore provides the safest possible environment and I felt totally safe and secure with Mistress V.

I requested pain and humiliation for the session and Mistress V was very happy to oblige!

The session started with me being strapped to Mistress V’s inverter. I was then turned partially upside down while Mistress V spat her chewed banana into my mouth, instructing me to swallow it, which I gladly did.

We then moved onto watersports, with Mistress V wearing rubber panties with a hose at the bottom, connected to a rubber mask that I was wearing. The pee went down the tube into my mouth. Absolute heaven! What a fantastic experience that as.

Next, I was made to lick Mistress V’s chewed banana off the floor and also lick it off the sole of her shoe. Mistress V is totally irresistible.

I was then attached to the cross and whipped with a single tail whip. I’d requested some severity with the whipping and wow, I certainly received that! It made me bleed in places and that made me very happy indeed.

Last but certainly not least I was attached to the sling and Mistress V took me with her strapon while bringing me to the most powerful climax.

Mistress V is stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent and familiarises herself with your needs to the nth degree, thereby ensuring your complete and enduring satisfaction.

I highly recommend that you experience the maelstrom that is the most amazing Mistress V. I’ve booked my next session already!

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