A session with My sissy sub

  • April 21, 2021

Handing my sissy sub it’s outfit I order it to strip naked, once dressed I put it’s leather hood on, Ordering it to open its mouth for the ball gag. I unzip the zipper on its body suit leaving its cock and balls exposed,attaching the bucket clamps to its balls

On your knees bitch and worship my boots, Rubbing my stiletto heels up and down its shaft occasionally tapping the buckets with my heels, I’m going to fuck you soon I have 3 different sized strapons I wonder which to fuck you with first!

Crawl over to my bench and wait your next instruction

Picking up the smallest strapon I lube it up telling my slut how deep i’m going to fuck it, Once I’m inside my bitches arse I begin to grind my hips deeper and deeper inside this bitches hole,when I’ve finished with you over this bench your going on my fuck machine and I’m going to enjoy watching my machine pound your arse then your going on my swing I want to look at you deep in your eyes while I swing fuck you. 😈

Yes please mistress fuck me on your swing 

Oh I can’t wait! Pulling my cock out I unstrap it and order it over to the swing. Get on it!

Sliding my cock in and out of my bitches arse. Beg me to fuck you harder, it does as it’s told and begs

I think it’s time for some boot worship follow me. Sit on the floor I rub it’s tiny cock with my boots. I’m going to make you fuck my boots and then you’re going to clean them up as though they’ve never been worn. He soon released his waste cleaned up and sent on its way 😈😈

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