A session with my new sub

  • February 1, 2020

What an awesome two hours, spent with a lovely new sub who had traveled up from Birmingham. Bondage, tie and tease with electrics.

Once we’d had our pre session chat I showed my slave where to get changed.

Calling my sub into the main play room, I tied him with my long red rope, paying attention to his nipples as I tied him, once he’s secure with the rope I move him over to the cross and tie him with black rope to it , he can’t move a muscle, fantastic I thought as I applied the nipple clamps before putting the gas mask on him filled with a cotton wool ball and poppers.

Twisting the nipple clamps every now and then, some times hard and at others nice and gentle, my sub was deep in subspace, taking the mask from him I continue with the nipple torture before concentrating on his stiff cock.

Using my soft leather whip, I whipped his cock, likes that doesn’t it Slave? I can tell as it’s swelling more and more.  Moaning in sheer ecstasy as my finger nails dug deep into his flesh deep into his balls.

I then used my flogger lightly flogging him all over his body, telling him that when his punishment is over in here we will be going across the landing to the medical room for some electric fun hehe.

I wrapped my slave nice and tight in cling wrap making sure his cock and genitals have access for my cruel cbt.

Once laid on the medical bench I inserted a sound, slowly building him up to the bigger sizes before using the electric sound, I have to say I do prefer this one to the rest, it’s a lot more enjoyable to watch my sub try and wriggle once I turn it on, impossible you can’t move when you’re bound and going nowhere.

Before I released him from the bed I peed into a clear plastic cup and held it while my sub drank the lot, thirsty work being tortured lol.

We then went downstairs where I put him in the vacbed for more genital torture and breathplay.

Time flies when your having fun 😈😈😈

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