A special double session for my female sub’s birthday

  • February 9, 2020

So today’s my female sub’s birthday, I really want to make this a memorable session for her. My brain’s bursting with ideas. As she likes quite a wide range of bdsm activities, bondage being one of her favourites.

Once she arrived I told her I had a birthday surprise which I would tell her about as we continue our session.

Cuffing her ankles at least 2 feet apart, I then insert an anal hook inside her pussy before I attach it to the hoist, pulling on the rope once it’s fully inside making sure it hasn’t slipped down, I then put her arms behind her back and put her arms inside the arm binders.

Exciting isn’t it slave, yes mistress was her reply before I apply the blindfold.

Teasing her nipples with my nails softly at first 😈 warming them up before I attach the crocodile clips, which she loves.
Once she’s fully aroused I whisper in her ear, my pain slut is on his way, once it arrives it will be going straight into the cell.

Ah, I’m going to whip your pussy before he gets here. Using the cat ‘o’ nine I begin whipping her cunt, with each wriggle she makes it pulls on the hook, making her wetter and wetter
Once she’d entertained me I took her down uncuffing her and releasing her arms from the binders I take her into the medical room, where I order her over my knee for her birthday spanking 30 hard ones 😈

I hear the side gate slam! My pain slut has arrived.

Get on your feet while I let it in.

Once my slut’s inside I tell him to go straight into the downstairs dungeon, following it in. Get stripped I’m going to put you in the cell while I get my female sub ready in the upstairs room, leaving him chained and cuffed I go back upstairs and prepare my female sub for the sjambok, once she’s tightly restrained I go and let my slut out!

Upstairs bitch you are going to be chained to the wall and you’re going to watch my sub take a good thrashing and then she’s going to watch you!

I chain my slut to the wall it tells me it feels embarrassed 😂😂 really! Well I want you to sing happy birthday to my sub, once you start singing I’ll start the punishment

It starts to sing, one stroke two strokes.
Are you paying attention slut!
Yes mistress

I give my sub 30 hard strokes of the sjambok which she takes really well, I’m impressed with her because she can take a hard punishment it’s your turn next!!

I swap around putting my female sub onto the cross and putting my pain slut over my bench she’s going to watch you, I hope you can take it like she did, yes mistress

Warming his arse cheeks, telling my female sub to watch at the same time

She’s grinning at his efforts as they’re pathetic!

Time to take the sjambok

I gave my slut 30 strokes too as I thought it was only fair they take the same, I’m very generous with my fairness 😂

We then go into the medical my female sub in the body bag with gas mask on and my slut in the chair with gas mask on ready for some needle play, inserting my thickest needles 20 in one nipple and 5 in the other, I know this bitch likes pain, getting a needle i scratch the letters MV on his chest and on the other side I do a x

All the while my female sub’s in subspace as she can hear but not see what was going on all added to the excitement, I can honestly say the session was fantastic, they both absolutely loved it, the fact that they both were in session taking the same as each other made it that little bit more special.

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