A session with My female sub

  • January 15, 2020

What an awesome session I’ve had with my female sub today
Starting with a hard over the knee spanking turning those cold cheeks to very hot cheeks after 30 hard slaps
Telling her that once I’ve finished she’s going over the bench to take 4 strokes of my new sjambok whip before moving on to my soft leather bull whip, blindfolded and ear muffed of course, as this little slut loves sensual deprivation
In between whipping her I tease her clit with my doxy vibrator, oh how she moans and groans as I start to penetrate her wet pussy
Fuck machine for you next you greedy girl
She’s never experienced the fuck machine as I usually slide my strapon inside her
Get on all fours with your arse raised in the air so I can guide the cock in, once inside it’s turned on. Mistress this is amazing!
Are you coming for mistress slut?
No need to answer as I can see your juices glistening all over the cock

Enjoy it, take it deeper for me, that’s a good bitch
Screaming harder harder mistress I want it harder, she eventually cums moaning in ecstasy
I’ve not finished with you yet girl, let’s go down stairs, you are going in the vac bed while I tease your pussy some more, but not until you’ve had a drink 🥃 glass of my champagne, and I want it all drinking
Once the glass was empty she climbed inside the vacbed, zipping her in, are you ready for more organisms mm was her reply
I turn the vac on, while it’s sucking her in I get a small butt plug which has a fake fox tail attached to it and slide it in her very wet pussy, slapping her cunt, moaning again I carry on softly at first then I increase it, I can tell she’s going to orgasm again, but I wasn’t ready for her to squirt, first time I’ve ever seen it!! I was impressed with this bitch, turning the vac off I unzip it and she crawls out looking very flustered, come here I want to show you the mess you’ve made, looking down at it, I say, now what do you think I want you to do now? Clean it up mistress. Exactly. Get that tongue to work, eagerly licking it up I give her a hard slap across the arse.
Upstairs and shower bitch!!
See you next week for more limits pushing xx

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