A Testimonial – 2 hour session

  • September 14, 2020

Arrived for my two hour session. As this was my first session for over 6 months, the usual nervousness and feelings of anticipation seemed even more noticeable.

After a quick shower I was soon over the spanking bench for a really good warm up. Mistress then proceeded to use a wide variety of implements with enthusiasm, interspersed with calming caresses. This included a significant number of fairly hard strokes of the cane. Usually I find the cane one of the most difficult implements to mentally process and enjoy. However, whilst still challenging, on this occasion I found the cane strokes the most satisfying component of the impact play part of the session. Perhaps the extended length of time since the previous session had increased my masochistic tendencies!

It was then off to the medical room for one of my favourite activities – needle play. As usual this was particularly intense, especially when Mistress placed needles in my nipples. Needle play is probably the most intense session activity for me. However Mistress V has a knack with this type of play to ensure that I am always calm and feel safe, allowing me invariably to drop into subspace.

The session ended with Mistress applying some very pleasurable electro stimulation to my cock.

Another very enjoyable session. I will certainly not be waiting another 6 months before my next visit to Mistress V.

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