A Testimonial

  • September 9, 2020

Opening the door with her customary, warm welcoming smile, Mistress ushered me up the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, made famous by Led Zeppelin and a number of posts on Mistress’ web-site. Today was going to be a fun day – I’d just seen on a Twitter post what Mistress had in store for me today in our session. I always enjoy chatting to Mistress, an intelligent warm, witty Dominatrix who also happens to be as gorgeous in life as she is in image. Not letting on too much in detail as to what I might expect today, I completed my preparations and presented myself on bowed knees before Mistress in her dungeon playroom. Mistress fastened my collar around me, then placed a blindfold around my eyes and defenders over my ears. Leaving me standing, otherwise unencumbered, Mistress went to get changed. The trepidation and anticipation continued to build ….

After a couple of minutes I could hear Mistress return, the sound of her heels muffled by the ear defenders … then silence! My heart started racing – what was Mistress’ first move going to be, was it going to be pain or pleasure? Neither – from behind and without warning she clasped her leather clad hands around my mouth and nose; I tried to breathe normally but was soon only conscious of the darkness and smell of the leather as it filled my nostrils. By now, I was totally under Mistress’ spell and control – I realised that this session was going to tax my total submission to Mistress – without Her say so, I wasn’t even going to be allowed to breathe. After two or three cycles of restricting my breathing and while I was panting with the exhilaration of free breath, Mistress tightened a spiked collar around my C&B, pulling until I could feel the pressure of the spikes pressing into the skin, without actually puncturing it. I was soon conscious of a growing tightness and increasing sensation as Mistress tugged on a lead attached to the collar, before leading me around her dungeon to her cross. Mistress is provocative – the lead was so short I was forced to walk hard up against her delightful derriere as she strutted around her domain. Poor me – Ha! Ha!

Fastened to her cross, Mistress began mercilessly teasing and twisting my nipples before producing a couple of nipple clamps which she proceeded to attach to my nips and continue to tease them by alternately pulling on them, sometimes just stretching and other times yanking so hard they came free, with resultant mixture of winces and gasps respectively. All the while this was going on, Mistress was yanking on the lead attached to the C&B strap, interspersed with sharp pinching of my exposed scrotum so the sensations racing up and down my spine were intense, then settled by Mistress soothing my torso with gentle caresses. This lady certainly knows how to tease and arouse! All the while, I was still blindfolded and my hearing muffled, so all this was being conducted with the only point of reference being Mistress’ touch. Talk about sensory overload!

Unstrapping me from the cross, I was led to Mistress’ bench, where, with her assistance, I assumed the position. Swiftly strapped down, a few gentle taps from Mistress’ hands soon developed into a rhythmic tattoo, using my buttocks as the big bass drum. Just as I settled into the rhythm, Mistress would either change it, the ferocity, or yank on the lead still attached down below, just so I didn’t get too complacent. To keep me interested in proceedings, Mistress produced a vibro and, teasing me mercilessly with smacks and vibro on my C&B, I was soon edging my way into subspace. At that point, Mistress started using some of her other implements – the ‘Slave’ Paddle, a multi tongued flogger and a new flogger which I didn’t actually see, but certainly felt as Mistress concluded this part of our session with an increasing tempo and ferocity of well-placed strikes. By now I was totally zoned out, and unstrapping me Mistress removed the blindfold to reveal herself in all her magnificent glory – tight red and black PVC trousers tucked in fine black high heeled leather boots, and with her magnificent embonpoint lightly supported by a black halter top with superimposed multicoloured brocade. Stunning!!!

Shaking and trembling with the endorphins coursing through me, Mistress led me by my C&B lead into the Medic room, where I was instructed me to stand with my hands by my side. Removing the collar, Mistress produced a large roll of blue cling film and started wrapping me. It initially felt strange but then became strangely soothing as Mistress worked around my torso from my neck down to my crotch, and then from my crotch down to my knees, leaving only a small gap to ease my C&B out. I guessed they played some part in Mistress’ master plan for the session, and I wasn’t disappointed. By now the trembling had ceased, and with the aid of a small heater thoughtfully provided by Mistress, I was soon warming up nicely in my plastic cocoon, as Mistress aided me in lying down on her bench. Once down, that was it – like a large blue caterpillar I could only move by arching my body and wriggling into the commanded position.

Mistress reached over into her side tray and, without me seeing what she had extracted, proceeded to ‘massage’ my C&B protruding through the clingfilm with her neat little pinwheel. Up and down, left and right, those sharp little spikes teasing the nerves underlying the skin. Not quite a nettle itch, but certainly enticing enough for my old man to take an interest in the proceedings. Swapping the single wheel for a double-wheeled implement, Mistress continued to tease and infuriate at the same time. You know that itch you want to scratch? Well I couldn’t, being wrapped up as tight as Tutankhamun in my clingfilm bandage! Putting the pinwheels away, Mistress extracted a small sound from her medical kit, and with great concentration and a small amount of lube, proceeded to gently ease the 9 inch shaft of stainless steel into the head of my old man. Anyone who has read previous chapters of my journey will know how much he enjoys Mistress’s ministrations with steel and so it ensued for a considerable period of time, progressing to the largest diameter in the kit.

Putting the sounds aside, Mistress decided we needed a mid-session break and asked if I was thirsty. Replying in the affirmative, Mistress treated me to a long refreshing glass of champagne. I must confess to gulping it as she poured mouthful after mouthful into my mouth (remember, I’m still cocooned in cling-film with my head hanging over the end of her bench)! Leaving me to lick the last drops from my lips, Mistress returned with a pair of hospital scissors and started cutting me out of my thermal wrap. It had set like a pliable wax, and peeling it away from my skin, while good to feel fresh air again, caused a certain amount of discomfort as it forcibly plucked at the few hairs my chest is wont to grow.

Mistress then commanded me to remove her long, black leather boots before inviting me to massage her back and delightful derriere. What an honour!! It is my great delight to be able to give back to Mistress a small amount of the attention that She has expended on my behalf. When Mistress was suitably relaxed and satisfied with my efforts, I was commanded to lie on the bench once again.

Mistress produced her e-stim equipment and proceeded to place the loops around my C&B. Starting off at a low power, the gentle pulsating rhythms rapidly excited my old man. Increasing the power slowly, the tension became almost unbearable. Mistress has the inclination to experiment in everything she does, which is extremely satisfying in itself but can be disconcerting, especially when the power on an e-stim device is rapidly increased. Fortunately, Mistress is also very tuned to your physical responses and knows when the limit (for today) has been reached.
This section of my journey with Mistress V again covered some new and deeper experiences than previously. I still haven’t reached the point where I think the experience has plateaued – in fact each session generates a desire to go further and harder to please Mistress. Complete novice or seasoned slave, Mistress V will take you as far as you feel able to go plus maybe that little bit further than you thought you could manage. Mistress V is a totally Professional Dominatrix – put your fears aside as you enter Her chamber but do be prepared for some surprises which will only enhance the experience. It’s your time to worship my Wonderful Mistress! Book a session!!!

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